JMA at Fight Night

About JMA

John Motley Associates, Inc. is one of the leading sales organization in its industry, built on a strong commitment to excellence and dedication to superior service. Our representatives have a combined total of over 160 years of experience in the Office Products channel. JMA has long been known for its superior representation and dedication to the development of strong relationships throughout the industry. Since its inception in 1980, JMA has grown substantially in capability, reputation, geographic coverage, and sales volume.

Our Mission

The JMA mission is to provide effective sales solutions and exceptional sales service - every time, in every way. The caliber of our people, the strength of our in-house staff, the benefits of our technological investments and the quality of our relationships serve as the framework of the JMA organization. We build our success on this framework, and use our strengths, capabilities and dedication to build success for our manufacturers.

The JMA Advantage

We represent an extensive series of high-quality, high-demand lines. Because we bundle these lines, we have more exposure to all customers, and thus have the opportunity to get every manufacturers' product more face time than any of our competitors — bar none.

Our ability to network in this industry is unparalleled. With the confidence and wisdom gained through years of combined experience in the office products channel, John Motley & Associates has the ability get your product in the door — literally.

John Motley Associates
132 Linden Avenue
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028
(t) 800.562.2502
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