Here's what Office Products Manufacturers are saying about JMA:

"John Motley and Associates has served MeadWestvaco well for nearly 30 years.  With pride, passion and professionalism, they have continued to be among the finest of our Manufacturer Representative Groups.

"Beginning with a very solid core, they have hired good people, trained them well, 'expected the best' from them and rewarded them for their efforts and results.  JMA is considered by both their vendors and their customers to be 'Top Notch' in their profession. MeadWestvaco is proud to be represented by JMA."
- David J. Williamson, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Office Products Group, MeadWestvaco

Avery Dennison  
"The John Motley group is much more than an outstanding sales organization. They have a unique in-depth knowledge of the office products market and a keen understanding of both the customers and the factories they represent which is so critical in today’s complex business environment. I personally look to them for guidance on a variety of critical sales and marketing issues and have a great deal of confidence in their knowledge and practical advice.

"The organization has the highest standards of values and ethics, a strong and compassionate competitive spirit and they add a great deal of credibility in the marketplace to our company.”
- Jess Beim, Senior Vice President, Avery Dennison

Pentel of America  
"John Motley and Associates has been our Sales Representative in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic for the past seven years. I have found their people to be some of the most professional people that we deal with. The relationships that they have built up over the years with the business community are extremely valuable and have benefited our company time and again.

"John, you and your people are to be commended. JMA’s ability to always put the customer first and their unwavering integrity have resulted in your continued success.”
- Tim Fallihee, Director of Sales, Pentel of America

Bostitch Office Products  
"The JMA group is one of the best I have ever worked with. I appreciate their attention to detail, knowledge of the business, and ability to react to change and be flexible. The company has a wonderful enthusiasm for the office products industry. JMA's strong customer relationships both within and outside their territory are wonderful assets to helping the Bostitch Office Products business grow. JMA has increased Bostitch Office Products sales by over 30% in the first 18 months! JMA is made up of dedicated, strong and knowledgeable individuals that really understand the office products industry."
- Paul Buckel of Bostitch Office Products

"I think what separates John Motley Associates from the rest of the reps in this business is the relationships that they have developed over the years with the major players in the office products business. To get to that level is not as easy as it sounds. In order to enjoy that level of relationship, you must first prove your worth to the industry - first to the vendors that you are representing and then to the accounts that you are selling to. The Motley team is very well represented throughout the northeast with top-notch sales personnel. They understand the customer. They understand the product lines that they are representing. Once given their goals and initiatives, they work relentlessly to help us achieve those goals, however lofty they might be. If there is ever a problem, you can always count on Mr. John Motley himself to help solve and work through the problem. We are very happy with the JMA team, and look forward to the future, and the help they will provide in order to help us achieve our goals."
- Paul Gutierrez, Regional Manager, Northeast, Energizer Professional Markets

"In my career I have been fortunate to work for two high profile companies, one very large and one much smaller. Both companies have been represented by John Motley Associates. JMA delivered for both factories, regardless of size. If you are a manufacturer looking for representation, a trade partner seeking 'best in class' support or a consumer in search of solutions, John Motley Associates is the answer."
- Mike Wilbur, VP of Sales and Marketing, Shachihata, Inc. (X-Stamper)

"John and his team have the unique ability to carry a complex, value added message effectively to the market. This task requires exceptional individual sales skills, a firm handle on the local market, and a thorough knowledge of their product as well as the competition. These skills are found throughout the entire JMA organization."
- Rich Gilbert, President, Iceberg

Buddy Products  
"If I had to put together an All-Star Team of reps, JMA would be at the very top.  John and his team are one of the most aggressive and responsive rep groups in our industry.  When you need immediate product introduction and great presentation we rely on John and his group to pull it off without fail."
- Sam Difiglio, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Buddy Products

Houghton Mifflin  
"JMA consistently represents Houghton Mifflin's offerings to the office products channel with the highest level of professionalism and thoroughness. I can't think of a better group we could tap in the Northeast."
- Harvey P. Berliner, National Sales Director, Houghton Mifflin

Chicago Lighthouse  
"JMA has a passion for building customer relationships by bringing products with just the right presentation to the right customers. This is then nurtured with a friendly and focused follow up that makes your product hard to forget. With their many established customers, they have opened many doors for us. If you want to build a brand name, JMA will give you the momentum you need. JMA has a team of professionals that have made Chicago Lighthouse Clocks a brand of choice in the Mid-Atlantic area. Thank you JMA!"
- John Chaney, Chicago Lighthouse


Here's what industry-leading dealers are saying about JMA:

Corporate Express  
"John Motley Associates have always represented one of the premier rep groups in the country. They have an outstanding team of dedicated representatives who are committed to growing their clients business through value added products. I have always felt confident in their ability to represent our organization with mutual goals, objectives, and a strong sensitivity towards nurturing effective end user relationships."
- Jay Mutschler, Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Express, North America

Staples Furniture & Technology Solutions  
"I have dealt with John Motley Associates almost my entire career, and have found their organization to be  responsive, communicative and always available to assist in any of our sales efforts. I consider JMA to be a True Business Partner."
- Steve McMahon, National Director of Sales, Staples Furniture & Technology Solutions

Staples Business Advantage  
"The Central New York team of Staples Business Advantage values our partnership with JMA Associates and John Ryan. John Ryan as our Representative has been instrumental in helping our sales team grow new product lines with our manufacturers. John's commitment to our sales team includes promotional activities, sales meeting and consumer work to ensure our sales team and customers are current with new product and solutions."
- Kelly Alter, Central New York District Sales Manager, Staples Business Advantage

"What is the difference between good and great? It is performing at the highest level day after day and year after year. There is no better way to describe John Motley Associates. They are consistently staffed by the highest caliber professionals who are dedicated to providing outstanding services to the independent dealer community. Whether it is providing product information, making detail calls or through sales training; their efforts allow the independent sales representative to extend 'great' service to their customers. Their making a difference allows us to make a difference! Now that is great!"
- James Preston, President and CEO, BPGI

Independent Staioners Group  
"John Motley Associates is an organization that has gained the respect from the independent dealer community and the entire office products industry by continuing to add value for their manufacturer partners by facilitating quality long term relationships and simply making things happen. Their passion and relentless work ethic is unique and necessary in our extremely competitive and changing industry."
- Mike Gentile, President & CEO, is.group

Guernsey Office Products  
"Simply superb! The deliverable from John Motley Associates is all about superb products exceeded by superb service... For nearly three decades the Guernsey organization has relied on its partnership with JMA to succeed in the increasingly competitive Office Products marketplace."
- David Guernsey, President, Guernsey Office Products

Office Basics  
"As an Independent Office Supply Dealer, we depend heavily on our key Vendors to partner with our company to assist our efforts as we compete in the ever changing and competitive Office Supply Distribution marketplace. John Motley Associates been a most valuable asset to our efforts in growing our business and becoming a force in the Greater Philadelphia area. Since Office Basics' birth, JMA has demonstrated passion, dedication and energy aimed at both of our Companies success."
- Ray Kendall, Office Basics, Boothwyn, Pa.

Penny Wise  
"John Motley Associates over the last 10 years has proven to be a very important partner with Penny Wise as we've built our mail order business on a national basis. Their service, dedication and reliability has been an invaluable ingredient to our success."
- Kathryn Morley, Penny Wise

Wrigley's Office Supply  
"JMA has done a great job for Wrigley's over the years! Participating in our annual Customer Product Expo, providing us with samples, coming in for sales meetings and meeting with our customers when needed are all things that help us grow our business. I appreciate your professionalism and your responsiveness."
- Bret Wrigley of Wrigley's Office Supply

Rudolph's Office & Computer Supply  
"Rudolph's would like to commend our relationship with John Motley Associates.  This partnership, with the help and dedication of our JMA sales representative, Bernadette Finkelstein, has assisted in supporting the needs of our customers, resulting in the growth of our business! Thanks so much!"
- Bonnie Rudolph, President, Rudolph's Office & Computer Supply

AJ Stationers  
"Michael Gross of John Motley Associates has been an excellent asset to our business. He works closely with our sales team creating opportunities and educating them through sales meetings. He brings marketing ideas in on a regular basis developing flyers and email blasts. With Michael's help we have grown our business and we view him as a real partner."
- Missy Kelly of AJ Stationers

Sanner Office Supply  
"I have found John Motley Associates to be the most reliable and proactive manufacturer’s representative group that works with Sanner Office Supply. They bring new products and ideas to our sales force and customer service group. Also, I trust and appreciate when John Motley Associates works with our customers."
- Dave Sanner, President, Sanner Office Supply, Erie, PA

The Weeks Lerman Group  
"We are pleased to have an opportunity to express our appreciation and enthusiasm for the terrific job JMA does. Their commitment to providing superior service and helping us grow our business, working side by side with our sales group, has resulted in truly incremental growth that otherwise might not have been realized. We can't say enough good things about these folks. They're terrific."
- Albert Benalloul and Sid Lerman, The Weeks Lerman Group

World Class Business Products  
"I have been dealing with John Motley Associates for the last nine years. Their knowledge of the industry and the assistance they afford to my sales force has been an invaluable asset to World Class. They interact with my company on a weekly basis. These visit are very helpful. I would recommend them to any manufacturer because of their significant presence in the marketplace."
- Victor Diaso, World Class Business Products Inc.

Old Colony Stationers  
"Michael Gross of John Motley Associates has been calling on Old Colony Stationers for a very long time and has done an exceptional job. He always comes in with fresh new ideas on how to promote product and helps generate new sales for us. He is educating our sales force through sales meetings and works closely with purchasing to keep us up to date. Michael has been a terrific partner to us!"
- Dale Bloem, Old Colony Stationers, Owner
Richter Drafting and Office Supply Company  
"We are fortunate to have the support of our rep, Chris Utz, from JMA. We’ve appreciated his help with our annual product show, on-site seminars for our customers plus unlimited time and information for our customer service team. This gives us various added dimensions that the 'big box' stores do not have."
- Richter Drafting and Office Supply Company, Inc.

"John Motley Associates has been a terrific partner and friend to Shoplet.com. They have a unique passion and commitment to the business and they continually bring us opportunities to help us grow our mutual businesses. We consider them the best in what they do."
- Tony Ellison, President and CEO of Shoplet.com
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